Rubber Belt Strip Machine

General Details

EP/RUBBER belt strip machine is used to strip adhesive layer of belt, belt strip machine is widely used in the following industries, such as cement plant, power plants, mining, belt company, steelworks and port, etc.

Technical Info

Main Technical Parameters of rubber belt strip machine

Voltage: 220V/380, 50/60HZ;

Motor power: 0.75 KW;

Linear speed: 0.3 m/s;

Max. Strip width: 200 mm;

Weight: 32 KG;

Suitable for EP, NN, rubber, canvas belt, belt width from 650 mm to 2400 mm.

Product Range

1. Max. strip width till 200-300 mm, speedy, reduce labor intensity and save time;
2. Lightweight, carry easily, simple operation and stable.

1. Fix center line of conveyor belt, and spit the first layer of joint end.
2. Put Belt Strip Machine on appropriate location and fix well by steel cord;
3. Connect power;
4. Clamp the first layer, start motor and spit the stripped part of belt by knives.
5. After strip the first layer, then repeat the above steps to strip the second and third layers.

1. Power should be connected and operated by the professional electrician.
2. Belt strip machine should be fixed well as working and prevent sliding.
3. Don't exceed the relevant strip width as required.
4. Don't press button of "push" and "pull" simultaneously, otherwise, motor will be burned up.

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