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November 09,2021

Analysis and Treatment of Conveyor Belt Vulcanizer for Common Questions

Conveyor belt vulcanizer (also called conveyor belt vulcanizing press), as for splicing tools for conveyor belt, in the process of using it may have some small problems, mostly due to improper operation, storage or maintenance.
FAQ 01: If heating up time is too long or can't reach 145℃:
(1) If install heat insulation plate between cross beams and heating plates, if not, please install it and re-test it.
(2) If temperature can't reach set temperature, please check if switch of "vulcanizing time" open or not, if opened, belt vulcanizer is in heat preservation stage, and temperature can't rise. Then please close the switch.
(3) If doesn't work after test the first two steps, please check if the heat insulation plates are moist, if yes, please drying them by heating plates.
(4) If it doesn't work after the first three steps, please contact after sale service.
FAQ 02: If temperature non-uniformity lead to bad splicing:
(1) Check if heat insulation plates damaged;
(2)If heat insulation plates work well, please heat up heating plates separately and test heating plates surface by thermometric indicator. If temperature is non-uniformity, maybe heat resistance is damaged.
FAQ 03: If pressure can't reach to set value by pump:
(1) If inlet of water plate is blocked by too tighten of bolts and nuts, if yes, please loosen bolts and nuts;
(2)If leakage of water or air and tighten relevant bolts, and check seals of pump.
FAQ 04: If adhesive between belt and heating plates
Please check if use heat-resistant paper between conveyor belt and heating plates.
FAQ 05: Leakage of water plate
(1)Check the leakage point, if leakage from edges of water plate, please tighten bolts;
(2)If leakage from water plate surface or avulsion, please change belt of water plate.,