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November 08,2017

Maintenance and servicing of Conveyor Belt Vulcanizer

Conveyor belt vulcanizer, as repair and splicing tools, maintenance and servicing of conveyor belt vulcanizer is very important, it can prolong service life.
As maintenance of belt vulcanizing press, please pay more attention to the following questions:
(1)Storage in dry and draughty environment to avoid of shortage of electrical resistor due to moisture.
(2)Don't operate belt vulcanizing press in raining weather outside.
(3)If work in moist field, please put sleepers under machine to avoid laying it on the ground directly, which is prohibited.
(4)If there is water in heating plates, please open cover and pipe water out, then set to "MANUAL OPERATION" on the control cabinet and heat up to 100℃, keep about 30 minutes, after emergent usage of heating plates, please contact after sale service and consider change electrical resistors
(5)If long time no use belt vulcanizing press, please connect power to heat heating plate each 15 days (set temperature 100℃) and keep 30 minutes.
(6)After vulcanizing job, please pipe out water from water plate completely, especially in winter.