EX Pull Cord Switch

General Details

Explosion proof Pull cord switch is used for emergency stop of conveyor machines under pit or in explosive gas environment.

Technical Info

Contact Capacity: AC380C 2A

Insulation voltage: AC1000V, testing one minute

Service Life: 10,000 times

Output contact: a group normally opens, the other group normally closed. One group converts switch contact;

Ambient temperature: -40  to +60 

Relative temperature: not more than 90%

Atmospheric pressure: 80 ~ 110 Kpa

Altitude: < 2,000 M

Protection Level: IP65

Action angle: 15° Limit angle 75°

Product Range


As occurring emergency of belt conveyor machine, pull steel cord of pull cord switches to realize emergency stop or give alarm signal.

There are two model of pull cord switch, one is automatic restoration, the other one is manual restoration.



1.Aluminum alloy shell reaches high strength, lightweight, shell of pull cord switch can reach IP 67, it can be worked under extremes environment for long time.

2.Large capacity of electric shock, moves sensitive and reliable.



Install pull cord switches every 30 meters on frames of conveyor machines, linked by steel cord through ring-pull of pull cord switches, adjust proper steel cord pressure to ensure restoration of pull cord switches.



Pull cord switches are equipped three-core cable, and mark No.1, No.2 and No.3 cables. No.1 and No.2 are normal open contact, No.1 and No.3 are normal close contact, if two normal open and two normal close, please advise it before ordering.

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