EX Belt Sway Switch

General Details

Explosion proof Belt sway switch (also called belt misalignment switch) is used to inspect belt misalignment as running of conveyor machines to avoid materials out, leakage or overflow.

Technical Info

Ambient temperature: -40 ℃ to +60 ℃

Relative temperature: not more than 90%

Atmospheric pressure: 80 ~ 110 Kpa

Altitude: not more than 2,000 M

Useful time: the switch 10,000

Insulation voltage: AC1000V, testing one minute

Product Range


As belt misalignment, belt edge drives vertical roll of belt sway switch rotation and make it inclined, if incline more than first action angle, output one set signal, if incline more than second action angle, then output another set single, the two sets of signals represent alarm or stop. After normal running of conveyor, vertical roll of belt sway switch restore automatically.



1. Aluminum alloy shell reaches high strength, lightweight, shell of belt sway switch can reach IP 67, it can be worked at extremes environment for long time.

2. 2.Large capacity of electric shock, moves sensitive and reliable.



Fix belt sway switches on frame, then weld on the conveyor machines, Axis of vertical roll with belt consist by 90°, distance between vertical roll and belt edge is 50 to 100 mm. Belt edge is at the position of 1/3 vertical roll of belt sway switch, and every 50 meters need install one couple of belt sway switches.



Belt sway switches are equipped four-core cable, and mark No.1, No.2 No.3 and No.4 cables. No.1 and No.2 are normal open contact, No.3 and No.4 are normal close contact, if two normal open and two normal close, please advise it before ordering.

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