Belt Skid Detector

General Details

Belt skid detector (also called belt stall detector) is used to detect skidding malfunctions between belt and driving roller, it can avoid occurring serious accident by skidding malfunctions. It's widely used at the field of steel plant, power plant, mines and port.

Technical Info

Main Technical Parameter of Belt Skid Detector

Detection of the belt speed: 0.5- 0.6 m / sec;

Operating voltage: AC220V50HZ;

Contact capacity: AC220V 5A;

Sensor and Belt speed error: <0.1%;

Slipping rate settings: arbitrary.

Product Range


Install belt skid detector on conveyor frames between elevating belt and downward belt, proper pressure between touch-wheel of belt skid detector and belt is needed. There is no need of power of belt skid detector, when speed of belt conveyor is slower than set value, belt skid detector will output control signal, speed can be adjust as per requirement.


Belt skid detector is consisted by relay, connecting shaft, touch-wheel and bracket, etc. Install simply and safety. Shell is made from aluminum alloy, surface is handled by electrostatic plastic spraying coating technology. Protection level can reach IP 67, it can work under severe conditions.


Weld frame on conveyor, fix bracket on frame by pin roll and cotter pins. Distance between touch wheel and belt edge is about 200-300 mm.

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