Conveyor Belt Vulcanizer

General Details

Conveyor belt vulcanizer is ideally for splicing & repairing the EP conveyor belt,NN conveyor belt, conveyor belt and Steel cord belt, etc.
Features of Conveyor Belt Vulcanizer:
1. Heating Plate: lightweight, portable, pressure and temperature uniformity;
2. Water Plate: high pressure can reach Max. 2.0 MPa (20 bars or 290 psi);
3. Cross Beam: lightweight & high tensile aluminum alloy;
The configuration options are described in the following sections.
Heating plates of the vulcanizers are available for rhombic, rectangular and modular type (two or more sets of heating plates together).
Modular conveyor belt vulcanizer can be applied to Belt width 3200 mm maximum.
Special design and production service is offered as per requirements of clients.
Natural cooling system or water cooling system
Feature of water cooling system: Rapid integral cooling fitted on both plates, belt vulcanizer could be dismantled within 5~10 minutes.
Manual pump or electrical pump
Standard control cabinet or PLC control cabinet
The conveyor belt vulcanizing press is widely used in the field of metallurgy, mining, power plants, ports, building materials, cement, coal mine, chemical industry, etc.
The machine can be customized to suit your actual splicing needs.

Technical Info

1. Vulcanization pressure: 1.0-2.0 MPa;
2. Vulcanization temperature: 145°C;
3. Difference in surface temperature of vulcanized plate: ± 5°C;
4. Heating up time ( at normal temperature to 145°C )<30 minutes;
5. Voltage: 220V/ 380V/415V/440V/480V/550V/660V, 50/60HZ, 3 Phases;
6. Temperature adjustment range: 0 to 199°C;
7. Timer adjustment range: 0 to 99 minutes.

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