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December 31,2018

High strength conveyor belt vulcanizing machine

Our company's conveyor belt vulcanizing machine has the characteristics of high strength and not easy to be deformed. The equipment is widely used, and can be applied to the hot joints of metallurgical, chemical, metal mines, power plants, ports, docks and other on-site conveyors. The tensile strength is not less than 90% of the original belt, the joint is smooth, and the wear on the drum can be reduced, and the service life of the conveyor and the rubber belt can be prolonged.

      Compared with similar products, Arphu brand conveyor belt vulcanizing machine adopts unique technology and unique technology of fully automatic precision digital display control system. The vulcanization temperature is uniform and precise, and the vulcanization pressure is uniform. The whole machine is light in weight, lighter than similar models, high in strength, and ultra-high pressure is not easily deformed. Reliable and durable.